3 surprising reasons that Dental Facial Aesthetics is the best way to enhance your beauty and confidence

3 surprising reasons that Dental Facial Aesthetics is the best way to enhance your beauty and confidence

A beautiful and youthful smile involves far more than the appearance and condition of your teeth. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that aging, poor health and sun exposure cause dehydration and deterioration of the skin. Loss of facial volume and dimension, wrinkles, lines, grooves and other depressions can result in you looking much older than you actually are.

​But there is a way to rejuvenate your youthfulness, enhance your facial features and restore the overall health and appearance of your skin.

After all, there is only one of YOU in the whole, entire world.  Your features are both beautiful and unique! Why not put your best face forward? Everyone knows that their trusted dental professional can restore their smile with a tooth makeover.

Now, thanks to modern science and technology, we can also help you look vibrant and add value to one of your most important assets, your face.

​Your Dental 206 dentist combines their expertise, skill and experience in both dentistry and facial aesthetics to help you enhance and balance your face to frame your beautiful smile.

You may be surprised to know that your Dental 206 dentist can deliver far more than just a clean and polish. Dentists are the most qualified medical professionals to be providing facial injections.

Here are 3 surprising reasons that Dental Facial Aesthetics is the best way to enhance your beauty and confidence:

1. Dentists have a superior knowledge of facial anatomy

Knowing where all the nerves, blood vessels and facial muscles sit is crucial to achieving the best results and reducing potential complications. Their thorough knowledge of the underlying supportive skeletal structures becomes very important in identifying whether there could be other problems. 
For example, in instances where the lower face looks short, there could actually be a dental or jaw problem that should be corrected by opening the bite dimensions, orthodontics or even ortho-gnathic surgery in severe cases. The facial soft tissues need to be supported by correct skeletal and dental structures. Only your dentist has the knowledge to diagnose correctly!

2. Dentists are highly skilled and have daily practical experience

Dentists work in and around the face all day, dealing with the functional and aesthetic aspects of the muscles of the face. They are well versed in the associated facial and dental relationships which cannot be separated from one another.

3. Dentists are university trained to have the ability to provide accurate and comfortable injections

Dentists have expertise in local anaesthetics and are skilled to deliver anaesthesia so that you don’t endure painful procedures.

We ensure that each patient is assessed individually using ‘face mapping’ and measuring. Although some improvement can be achieved from a random facial injectable, it is important to have a ‘global’ view of dental-facial aesthetics and look at the face as a whole when planning treatment.

Rather than simply trying to restore individual imperfections in the face, we take steps towards revitalising the entire face. In doing so, we help you achieve optimal beauty and proportions for your unique face. This approach enables us to combat the aging process with much more precision and consideration to your overall look.

​The bottom line is that we don’t try to give everybody the same lips or cheeks!

We take the time to examine each individual and use sound mathematical principles to bring out your very best. The end result being that  your unique beauty is maximised and the proportions of your face are balanced as close as possible to your ideal facial contours within the blueprint of your face. 

Best of all, you can rest assured knowing that  your treatment is conducted in our highly sterile clinic at Dental 206, where your discretion and safety is our top priority. Additionally, our practitioners specialising in this area have been fully trained and certified with AADFA, the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics.

​We look forward to helping you feel confident and youthful, and giving you a lot more reasons to smile!

If you would like to learn more about Dental Facial Aesthetics or any other dental service, contact the team at Dental 206 for an appointment today.


Above article written by the team from Dental 206.
Information given is general advice only and does not take into consideration your individual requirements. 
It’s always best to consult with a qualified Dentist professional for personalised advice.

Dental 206 takes great pride in their ability to provide you with the most comprehensive and professional dental practices for all your dental and cosmetic needs. Book your appointment today!

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