About Us

About Us

Introducing Townsville Women

Townsville Women is a website run by women, for women!

The aim of Townsville Women is to provide a one stop shop for information for the local community.  Instead of scrolling through endless pages and groups on social media to answer a question, or letting Google give you the run around when trying to find info on that local charity event, simply open up this website and let Townsville Women help you.

​Since it’s beginning, Townsville Women has improved.  Not just in layout, but in how user friendly the site is and the amount of information it offers.  And as new technology becomes available and as our skillset grows, we will continue to improve and evolve.

As part of the original initiative of bringing together women, Townsville Women facilitates social events, including the popular monthly Coffee Dates, to enable and nurture connection in the ‘real world’ and not just online.  New friendships are being made due to these events!

Advertising space is available throughout the website and offers an important avenue for local business to promote themselves directly to potential clientele.  In a busy world it can be hard to set your business apart from the others and be heard above the white noise of social media and large scale advertising.  This is where websites such as Townsville Women hold their own. There is no spam advertising from junk websites. It’s all Townsville!

Who is Bec?

Hi Townsville!

I am Bec, 34yrs young (or old somedays!) and I created the Townsville Women website after a light bulb moment while scrolling Facebook at my son’s Soccer training one afternoon in April, 2015.

Less than a week later, after many late nights and a few litres of strong coffee, the website was launched (yes I really am that impatient!). The initial response was above and beyond all of my expectations and it was evident that Townsville would benefit from a website like this.

I have lived in Townsville for a few years now and it has felt like home from the moment I first drove past the big Welcome sign on the South Side. My partner and I have both worked locally, own businesses and have a blended family with 6 kids between us. Life is busy!

When I went on Maternity Leave in late 2014 I found that I had been so wrapped up in the day to day grind that I had been missing out on a lot of what Townsville has to offer. I set about changing that and have met so many great people that share my enthusiasm for this city!

I have always loved writing and while I’m not a professional journalist or author, and I may not always write the right way – I write from the heart and not just because “it’s my job”.

What started out as a hobby has grown into a viable business. As well as offering affordable advertising options to local business owners, I am giving new writers a voice and allowing event organisers another avenue for promotion.

Every new connection made through Townsville Women enriches my soul and I’m proud to be making a difference in people’s lives.

Enjoy the Townsville Women website and I look forward to meeting you soon!

What can you find on the Townsville Women Website?

Articles – A blog with articles on a variety of topics including local charity events, places around town, reviews and general topics of discussion.

Events Calendar – A list of upcoming events happening in Townsville & the Surrounding Area.  Each listing has a link to the events’ website to easily see more information or contact the organisers directly.

Directory – Listings for Local Businesses & community groups with contact details, images and other important contact infomation.

Contact Us – Complete this form to easily submit any information that we should know.  Story ideas for the Newsfeed, Event details to add to our Calendar or general enquiries.  Alternatively email hello@townsvillewomen.com

Newsletter – Complete the form found at the bottom of the website pages to subscribe to the Townsville Women newsletter.  Delivered directly to your email inbox each week with regular updates on what’s happening in Townsville, interesting articles, photos, business details and special offers from our advertisers.

Advertising Info – Information and pricing for advertising with the Townsville Women website.  Businesses can apply for advertising packages directly through the website or by emailing sales@townsvillewomen.com

Join our community!

Share your events

If you have information on upcoming events that you’d like to be included on our Calendar then I definitely want to know about it!  If you are hosting an event then tell me the story behind it.  Are you fundraising?  I want to know what you are fundraising for.  Are you celebrating something?  Tell me about it.

Advertise your business

Do you own a business? Or do you know a small business owner looking for affordable advertising options? Learn more about advertising within the Townsville Women network.

Have a story idea?  I want to know about it!

Consider joining the Townsville Women team as a regular contributor. Write regular articles for the newsfeed, let your creativity shine, share your experiences in Townsville, offer advice to our community and get paid for your published articles!

Think I’m doing a great job?

Tell me.  Think I’m doing a crap job?  Definitely tell me!  Your feedback is important and necessary for shaping the Townsville Women website.

Get Social!

Follow Townsville Women on Social Media and invite your Townsville friends to do the same.  The bigger our community grows, the information available will increase as more people contribute to discussions, stories and the calendar.

Want to meet new people?

Come along to our regular social events and meet new friends.  These events are designed to be casual, relaxed and no pressure!  Perfect for new arrivals to Townsville or those looking to expand their social network.  Most events are kid friendly and some events allow you to bring along hubby too.