Appreciate our Birds

Birds can liven up any sunrise with their calls, chirps and songs, and if we take a second to ponder a world without birds… well, what a dull world it would be.  No Kookaburras laughing at us from on top of an old gum tree, no sea gulls making us laugh while they try and sneak a few hot chips from your beach picnic, no swans to admire while they glide gracefully across a still lake.

Birds, no matter the size or type, all play a part in our diverse environment. They’re not only beautiful to look at and nice to listen too but they are responsible for things like insect control and even plant and fish dispersal.

Many common birds consume insects and with a very fast metabolism they are constantly looking out for their next meal. Just imagine how many insects there would be if we didn’t have any birds?  The dispersal of plants is through birds consuming seeds and therefore transporting them to a new location before passing through and depositing them elsewhere in the environment.  Fish dispersal is a little bit different, often fish eggs can become stuck in wading birds feathers and therefore transported to a new location before becoming unstuck.


Create a bird friendly environment in your backyard and take care of our native birds by planting native flowering shrubs and trees to attract nectar feeding birds. Have a bird bath for an additional water source close by, and don’t forget to clean it out on a regular basis. If you are creative then you can even build boxes for nesting to ensure that the birds will continue returning to your garden year after year.

If you’re a pet owner it is always a good idea to keep your cats indoors and dogs in the front or back yard away from your bird friendly gardens. Dogs aren’t natural born killers but in the case that there is wildlife in your yard they will prey. Cats on the other hand are natural born killers that have impacted our native birds severely in suburbia. If you see stray cats or dogs, they are doing more harm than good so do your best to find the owner.

By taking responsibility of our pets and keeping a safe environment for native birds to live will help the entire environment, while also providing a lovely touch (& sound!) to our local gardens and parks.

Written by Tori England
Originally from Cardwell, Tori has lived in Townsville now for four years and enjoys many outdoor activities such as fishing, camping and motorbike riding.  She owns her own photography business.

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