Art Workshop – otherwise known as therapy!

Art Workshop – otherwise known as therapy!

Recently Townsville Women teamed up with Barbara from BG Art to host an Art Workshop morning at her studio in Aitkenvale.

Barbara has hosted a few of these workshops and this was immediately evident when walking in.  Her studio has been set up perfectly for 6 attendees to comfortably fit in and with 5 of us in there it didn’t feel crowded at all.

At each of our work station places, Barbara had ensured we had easy access to paints, water, brushes and paper.  I was offered a hot cup of coffee and a choccie biccie as soon as I walked through the door, which on a Saturday morning is always appreciated!

We started with a quick lesson in painting using water colour paints on textured paper. As well as our project pieces, Barbara had some offcuts for us to practice on.  Once we had the technique mastered we moved onto our projects with Barbara on hand for any help or suggestions we may have needed.

After finishing 3 cards each, Barbara opened up her ‘cupboard of treasure’ and we were able to choose a larger item to let loose our creativity.

I selected a cute jar with a white lid that was crying out for some colour.  There was a selection of examples nearby and one in particular caught my eye – a bowl with abstract shaped houses all leaning into the centre.

After some helpful advice from Barbara I was soon on my merry artful way.

While we were all happily painting or drawing and chatting away it did cross my mind that my project was probably something I could have done at home. I had the pens at home and could probably find something in my own craft stash to work on… but do you know what else was at home? Five kids, dirty dishes, teething baby and a mile long to-do list. No art would get done at my house.

In that moment I found the true value of Barbara’s workshops.  It is almost therapy. To have that 2 hours where I could take a break from the everyday was exactly what I needed!  It was well worth the $20 price and definitely something I’d want to do again.

If you missed out on this art workshop but it sounds like something you’d be interested in, then keep an eye out on our Event Bookings pagecalendar and the Facebook page for upcoming workshop dates.

The above review is the author’s own views and individual experiences may vary.
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