Be Kind To Yourself

Be Kind To Yourself

Quickly list 5 things you’d like to change about yourself this year. Things you don’t like when you look in the mirror or personality flaws you know you should fix.

Done? Easy!

Okay, now tell me 5 things you love about yourself. What’s your best physical feature and what’s amazing about your personality?

Hmmm…that’s a bit harder, huh?

Why? Are you really that bad? Is there really so much about you that needs to be ‘changed’ and ‘fixed’?

Why is it so easy to list the negatives about who we are and how we look but so hard to come up with the reasons we’re great or the good things about ourselves? Is it because there are none? Is it because we are actually so overweight, unattractive and undesirable that we genuinely have no positive qualities?


Each week, I talk to my gorgeous girlfriends, some live down the road, some live miles away. I have friends who are hilarious, patient, selfless. They have stunning smiles and huge hearts and are amazingly talented in so many different ways.

Do you know what they all have in common?  They are experts at doubting and criticising themselves.

Honestly, most of the time, I’d be hard pressed to recall a conversation that didn’t involve one of these beautiful ladies, my friends and family, putting themselves down.

​Whether the topic of conversation is looks, talent, parenting or housekeeping. You name it. These intelligent and capable girls can whip out five self deprecating statements before our first cuppa is ready. These amazing superwomen that I love with my whole heart say things about themselves that they would never dream of saying about someone else.

And just in case you are wondering, I know all about people in glass houses and at the back of my mind I can hear my mum saying that I am exactly the same. But this is my point!

​Today while I sit here feeling all motivated about a super organised, clutter free, mummy-is-all-over-it kind of year, I started thinking about New Year Resolutions and those typical, every-year plans to lose weight and exercise more. Sure, feeling and looking healthy is incredibly important but I think we’ve gotten pretty good at telling ourselves to lose weight and run more.

Do we really need to make it the focus of our year?


How about you make a new ‘New Year’s Resolution’ with me? One that matters more than how many kilos you are or if you ate 2 donuts instead of 3. It will still be a challenge, believe me. It will be something that takes a while to become habit, but isn’t that the reason we make resolutions? Okay girlfriends, are you ready?

​Say it with me… In 2016 my new ‘New Year’s Resolution’ is to be kind to myself. There, it’s out there now. Let’s make it happen!

You are amazing and talented and loved. You have people around you that can’t imagine not having you in their lives. You are kind to everyone else. This year, be kind to yourself too. Think nice things about yourself. Say nice things to yourself. Do nice things for yourself. Then make yourself believe you deserve them all, because you do.

Written by Messy Mama
Like a graceful swan she is smooth, calm & collected on the surface…. but often crazy chaos underneath. A Townsville local, she is a wife and mum as well as a beautiful, fun, energetic woman! Messy Mama writes about the fun side of life, often with a witty twist and topics we can all relate to!

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