Chalk Paint Workshop

Chalk Paint Workshop

If you are a DIY-er who knows a little bit about everything, or a Pinterest Hacker who loves to turn nothing into something, then you will no doubt have heard about Chalk Paint.

​But if you’ve not yet been introduced to this magical world of awesomeness, let me tell you a little bit about the world of possibilities that Chalk Paint opens up.

​Chalk Paint is a water based decorative paint, commonly used for furniture, that has a chalky like finish when applied, but when sealed with a wax finish has a smooth finish that can handle everyday use without flaking or peeling.

​Chalk Paint has been around for decades but it’s popularity has recently started taking off in Australia with the increased use of Vintage and Shabby Chic trends in modern home decor.  Mezzie & Frank are Sunshine Coast best friends who’s love of upstyling old furniture led to the development of their very own brand of Chalk Paint.  Available in over a dozen colours, all with Aussie themed names, their paint is available locally at Vast Interior and proved a popular addition to the store from day one.

Chalk Paint can be applied to most surfaces with no need for sanding and very little prep work.  Application is easy and fast, and being water based it’s very easy to clean up.  Once applied you can then choose to sand it back to create the “Shabby” look which is especially effective when using coats of different colours.  Chalk Paint can be applied directly over laminate, painted surfaces, metal, plastic or varnished timber and once sealed with wax it is long lasting and hard wearing.  (editor’s note: I have dubbed it “The Paint For Time Poor People”)

​Mezzie & Frank added a video to their Facebook page recently of how their Chalk Paint can be used to colour fabric and as an alternative to traditional dyes when Tie Dyeing!

Vast Interior are hosting upcoming workshops to introduce you to the world of Mezzie & Frank Chalk Effects Paint, the different techniques used when painting, the tools of the trade and to share some useful tips and advice to get the most out of your can of paint.

​Hosted by Vast employee, Yvonne, the workshops include morning tea and afternoon and you can either bring your own small piece of furniture or Vast will supply you with one.

​Get to know the amazing world of Chalk Paint and you won’t ever want to throw out another piece of furniture again.  That old ratty coffee table can not only be saved, but can be given a makeover that is both stunning and effective!  And the best part? You can do it yourself!  Save money, save landfill AND be proud of your DIY Handywoman skills.For further information or to book your spot in the Workshop, phone Yvonne at Vast Interior on 4772 1777or call in for a chat at the store in the Hyde Park Centre.

Vast chalk paint workshop

Information given above was supplied by the event organiser and is correct at time of publication.  Details may be subject to change. ​For further information contact Vast Interior directly on 07) 4772 1777 or visit their Facebook Page

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