Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your business and social media

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your business and social media

Right now we are living in a Social Media world.

​Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have allowed many businesses a leg up into the entrepreneurial world.

But have you thought of a backup plan?


So many business owners nowadays have their online presence limited to social media, and often only one account.  They rely on Facebook likes or Instagram followers to build their businesses.

This works for many but let me throw out a scenario for you…

You operate a product based business and have a Facebook page. You post your products on your page and interact with your customers through Messenger. Business is good and you have a consistent turnover.

Then one day you go to log in only to discover you are locked out of your account.  Your Facebook account has gone, and with it your messenger account and your customers.

You have taken payments for products but the postal addresses are in messenger.

Your customers are unable to contact you and automatically assume you’ve done a runner with their money.

Now this is a worst case scenario but it really gets you thinking doesn’t it?

It’s important that you don’t rely solely on social media accounts to operate your business.  I’ve heard a few people say that they ‘own a Facebook page’ but that is simply not true.  The only owner of a Facebook page, is Facebook.  As with all social media accounts. You don’t own them, you simply use them.

Someone reports your page and you will get locked out of your account.  If you break any of the terms and conditions then they have the authority to delete your page completely!

This is why it is vital to have an online presence outside of social media.

Websites, where you own the domain and have an offline backup saved, are highly recommended. It not only adds to your business identity but the content is always available to your customer.  Social media feeds move so quickly, and the sheer number of posts added daily can make it hard for businesses to get their message heard. Websites offer your business a slice of the online pie where it’s all about you, and only you. Use this to your advantage!


Email is another way to stay in contact with your customers.  There are many free or low cost email marketing programs, such as MailChimp and Active Campaign, that allow you to send out newsletters and campaigns to your email lists.  You can export your email lists to a CSV file meaning that even if your email crashes, you have a backup list to get you set up again in no time.

Social media has the leverage to enable you to reach potential customers daily, but you need to be thinking about ways to hold onto those likes and follows should anything ever happen. 

If you are running your business entirely on one form of social media, now is the perfect time to expand your online presence.

It’s just another way of future proofing your business – something all business owners should do. In the event of an IT crash, the unprepared businesses will be losing their minds and scrambling to recover, while you can carry on as normal because of your backup plan.

​Secure your customer’s details and put in place back up plans for the worst case scenario.

It’s far better to be over prepared than locked out of your business with customers thinking the worst!

Part time blogger & full time mum, Bec has lived in Townsville for over 8 years and enjoys everything Townsville has to offer. Bec is the founder of Townsville Women and The Vintage Highway, while also running a retail store and social media pages based around the family’s beloved Kombi.

She is slightly addicted to Wine, Pinterest, Netflix and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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