Falling in love…again

Falling in love…again

Do you remember a time when Palmer Street was ‘the place to go’ when you went out for dinner?

Yes, on the rare occasion you headed into the ‘burbs’ and found yourself at Cannon Park, but for the most part Townsville’s “Eat Street” was Palmer Street.

Fast forward to 2019 and we’re left with little to no options along Palmer Street or in surrounding areas.  Empty shops line our city with businesses continually closing their doors due to economic downturn.  Finding a place to eat out is becoming more and more difficult.

Yes, Townsville is currently struggling economically and whilst the looming election promises reprieve, it certainly doesn’t help right now.  Hospitality professionals who have been in the Townsville food scene for years are worried as the black cloud of closure that has engulfed so many others looms closer.

They’re counting their tills wishing there was more money coming in, and they’re trying to think of ways to get more bums in seats.

So, now is the time – let’s help our own.  Let’s fall back in love with Townsville’s food scene!

Get out there and explore what is left on offer or try a new eatery that has popped up since the last time you ventured out.  As the saying goes – let your feet do the talking and take your business to the locally owned and operated establishments.

​Take your kids and let them experience dining out.  Yes, they may cry or throw food on the ground, but I can assure you that restaurant owners will just be happy to have trade coming through again (if you help clean up the food on the floor that is).


I know what you’re thinking, “We’re struggling financially too!”.  I get that.  These past few years have been tough in the ‘ville!

I’m not saying dine out every night, but perhaps rethink where you’re purchasing the food that you cook at home.  Could you instead support the fruit and veggie man at the markets?  Could you buy your bread from the local bakery or load up the freezer with meat from the local butcher shop?

Every dollar you keep local helps another local family stay in business, and at the end of the day who wouldn’t want that?

Over the coming months, I’ll be sitting down with local business owners and chatting to them about their foodie story.  This upcoming series of interviews will be designed to show you the face of the eateries, and personalise it to hopefully encourage you even more to get out there and explore this great city of ours.  For now, go and begin to fall back in love with Townsville’s food scene!

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