Find Your Voice Presentation Workshop

Find Your Voice Presentation Workshop

Are you blocking your own success?

Have you ever turned down an opportunity, because you knew you would have to stand up and speak?

Have you stayed quiet in a meeting, because if you spoke your emotions would betray you?

Have you walked out of an interview…or a networking event…with your elevator pitch not even leaving the ground floor?

There are countless smart, vibrant, creative women who deliberately keep themselves ‘small’, who blend into the background waiting to be discovered, rather than standing up and announcing their arrival or their intention.

My advice?   Find Your Voice.  Change your life.

I have spent half of my working life blending in, assuming that good work gets noticed and skill and experience open doors.   Well, only if you stand up and tell someone about it!

My own problem was that with all eyes upon me – I froze.   That perfectly crafted pitch in my head evaporated – half of my message would blurt from my mouth and I would kick myself (for days) about what I didn’t say and what I should have said.

While all of us have nerves about speaking – some of us have a complete block.   That’s what my Find Your Voice Presentation Skills Workshop is all about.   It’s a small, supportive workshop for those who know this fear is holding them back and are ready to move past it once and for all.  To stop blending in…and be heard.

  • Uncover the real reasons we get nervous
  • Unlock your individual code to conquer your fears
  • Discover what’s already working for you
  • Practice hacks to lift your presentation to a new level FAST
  • Respond with confidence in meetings and interviews

…and have a great laugh along the way!

There are literally millions of tips and articles online about public speaking – but there is no amount of googling and reading that will remove your fear and improve your presentation skills – only practice can do that.



Thursday 25th July 2019
9.00 am til 12.30 pm


Boardroom, Townsville Chamber
​Level 1, Northtown, 280 Flinders Street, Townsville


$149 per person, including morning tea. 
Bookings are essential as there are only 12 places available.

How to Book:

Tickets are available now through
​Click here –

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About Ruth

Ruth is a Voiceover Artist, Speaker, Writer & Presentation Coach.  

She lived and breathed radio for the best part of two decades, both as a Creative Director and (sometime) on-air talent, before venturing into the world of freelancing.


Wait..what?   A radio person scared of public speaking?!  Yep, ‘fraid so. Behind a mic in an empty room – all good.  In front of a room full of faces – complete mind blank. Go figure.

As the missed opportunities piled up, the drive to succeed finally outweighed the fear of failure and she found her voice.   And is now passionate about helping others find theirs.

Based in Townsville, with her husband Alan.  She works with clients in Australia and around the world (don’t you love technology!) to help them craft and share their message across multiple platforms.

Learn more about the Find Your Voice Presentation Workshop, plus other workshops and opportunities at Mouthin’ Off Presentation Coaching.


Information and images above have been supplied and published with permission.

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