Greece is the Word

Greece is the Word

Greece is one of those countries that offers just about everything. Ancient history, city life, island hopping, majestic beaches, amazing food, and nightlife.

I visited Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini on a girls trip and we loved every second. I will definitely go again to see more one day as there is so much to see and do.

My top 5 must do in Greece:

The Acropolis

No visit to Greece is complete without walking through the ruins atop the Acropolis and looking out over Athens. The history here is hard to wrap your head around – you can sit on steps and wrap your arms around the pillars of the Parthenon which have stood for almost 2500 years. The area is absolutely majestic. I would recommend visiting the Acropolis with a qualified guide though, so you can experience its beauty and learn the amazing history as well.

Changing of the Guard

Try and time your visit to the Athens Parliament building with the changing of the guard. I won’t spoil the surprise but it’s quite theatrical for such a tradition – well worth it.


Food in its country of origin is always better than what we have at home. But moussaka with a greek side salad, overlooking the ocean on a greek island is something else. It seemed every restaurant we went to had their own traditional recipe that was passed down the generations – but they were all great!

Beach hopping

This can be done on a lot of islands, but Mykonos makes it easy. There are so many options, all popular for different reasons. There are the secluded beaches that require a hike to get to, sunbathing beaches lined with rows and rows of loungers and the smell of coconut oil in the air, party beaches with bars and Dj’s which are not unlike a sandy night club and all the beaches in between. You can catch the bus – but it’s so much more fun to hire an ATV and get there on your own.

Oia sunset

Get there early to find your perch as it gets very busy, but for a very good reason. The township of Oia sits at the top of cliffs on the island of Santorini, looking out over the Aegean sea. This is picturesque during the day, but come sunset it is the true definition of spectacular.

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