How to stay fit in the Ville for free!

How to stay fit in the Ville for free!

So, the age old question of ‘how do I stay fit on a budget?’ is one that has been bugging me for a long time. After a few years of looking around on the Internet and talking to friends, I think that I have finally solved my problem! By just taking advantage of some of the beautiful walking/running tracks around the Townsville area, I have found the perfect way to keep fit FOR FREE!!!!

I tried the gyms, and don’t get me wrong, they can be great for some, but the expense, plus the wait time for some machines are not for me. I also found that by joining a gym and then not going, didn’t really bring on the guilt’s as such to motivate me to succeed.

I am more of an outdoor exerciser, where I actually like to see something for my 30 minutes of walking and not just the local news on the TV screen in front of me. So I decided to have a look around Townsville at some of the local areas to see if I could find some hidden gems to help me achieve my goal of getting fit and healthy.

Castle Hill

The number 1 place I found in Townsville for a challenge is of course Castle Hill. This place is just fantastic as it has so many different levels of exercise difficulty and it provides you with the opportunity to just turn back if it all gets to much. I love the different walking tracks (available on the TCC link below) and to keep myself interested, I actually wrote up an ‘exploring’ exercise rotation where I would plan to take a different track once a month to explore and then challenge myself to improve on my times.

On top of this, I would alternate my route up the hill by parking on Little Street and taking the stairs up through Yarrawonga Drive – to admire the architecture and then go up the Erythrina Track, which starts at the end of Balmoral Place.

For a map of the different walking tracks on Castle Hill visit the TCC website.


The second place I love to exercise is just my local area, where I would actually go around the different streets that were near me and started to familiarise myself with all of the quirks of residential living.

In this type of area though, I practiced running (or actively walking quicker) between the light posts or landmarks to help improve my stamina and to improve my fitness level.

The Strand

My third place where I go to exercise for FREE! is the Strand, but not the typical tourist section, the new boardwalk path from Jezzine Barracks, through Soroptimist Park and then down to Robertson Park (along Rowes Bay beachfront).

I love this walkway as you can run, walk and even use the gym equipment that is located along the waterfront for free and the sunset in the afternoons is just beautiful.

So these are just 3 of my favourite places to go exercising, but what makes exercise a little more exciting is if you get a buddy to come with you to share the experience, but remember to make sure you have the same goals or a secret code word like ‘Dorothy’ (which makes reference to the fact that there is no place like home) when someone has had enough so you can just turn back and fight fit another day.

Nicole has lived in Townsville for 8 years and married her husband last year.  Currently on maternity leave from her high school teaching position, Nicole is enjoying the new challenges of becoming a mum after welcoming a beautiful baby girl in September 2015.

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