Lids 4 Kids: Recycling plastic for a great cause

Lids 4 Kids: Recycling plastic for a great cause

Candy is a local Townsville business owner on a mission!

The owner of Aitkenvale based coffee van, FC’s Coffee, has teamed up with Holden Rally Team to spearhead the North Queensland contribution to nationwide project, ‘Lids4Kids’, collecting plastic bottle lids for Envision Hands.

Envision Hands

Through innovative projects, Australian not-for-profit organisation, Envision, provides training and upskilling for significantly disadvantaged job seekers and fosters personal growth and wellbeing. Some of the initiatives have included rebuilding old caravans, making arcade games, and making portable classrooms for special needs schools.

At the heart of all projects is the aim to minimise environmental impact by sourcing discarded and recycled items and materials.

Envision Hands is their biggest project to date with a goal to collect 2,000,000 plastic bottle tops for recycling into a material that can be used for 3D printing – specifically, 3D printed prosthetic hands for kids in need.

Plastic Bottle Lids

Plastic Bottle Lids are an underused resource currently. When it comes to recycling many households may be left feeling confused due to conflicting information and constant updates in recycling technology.

When recycling plastic bottles we are told not to place lids in recycling bins on their own as they are too small to be processed by current technology. However, screwing the lids back onto empty bottles can also cause a problem as bottles may explode under pressure. Lids are not typically made from the same kind of plastic as the bottles and this can create yet another problem when it comes to processing.

Plastic bottle lids are very recyclable and organisations such as Envision are thankfully finding valuable uses for them!

How you can help

Thanks to Candy and her growing team of helpers, drop-off points for plastic lids are popping up all over North Queensland! You can request to become a drop-off point or simply start collecting lids at home before taking them to one of the drop-off points closest to you.

The types of lids being collected are from milk bottles, soft drink, and water bottles. You want to be looking for recycle code ‘2’, and lids without any metal. Bread tags are also accepted.

Candy has set up FC’s Coffee Van to be a central drop off point and is working with many other business owners and organisations willing to lend a hand to the project.

Using empty milk bottles, Candy has created a clever collection container:

Lids4Kids – North Queensland

Candy manages a Facebook Group called Lids4Kids – North Queensland that provides information and updates on the collection project, including local collection points and where to drop off your lids.

As of July 10, there were collection points in Ayr, Mossman, Innisfail, and throughout Townsville – and this list is growing weekly!

Find out more and join the vision!

Envision Hands
Holden Rally Team
FC’s Coffee
Lids4Kids – North Queensland

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