Mums for the win – lose the mum guilt!

At 3 days overdue my first baby decided it might be time to grace the world with his presence. After a really long time in labour and 3 hours at the pushing stage, alarms started beeping and staff started rushing around.I remember a doctor saying “we need to get this baby out now” and I responded with “I am trying!”. Thankfully she said “oh no love, we are going to get the baby out for you”.  At that point needles didn’t bother me and the worry my husband must have been feeling I didn’t even notice.

I was just thankful it wasn’t all on me and I could rest a little!

There were some more complications from there but in the end I got my baby boy. However, in the coming days, weeks, months and years I felt a sense of failure for not being able to give birth naturally.

As a result of pregnancy number 1 ending in such a way, I was advised strongly to have a c-section for any future births to reduce the risk of losing the baby or my own life.

​If I had of been in that position 100 years ago both my son and I would not be here. Which in turn means my daughter wouldn’t either. And that brings me back to thinking – wow how lucky am I to be in the here and now with modern medicine.

Some people don’t seem to think that way.

​I get a lot of – “oh you chose to have a cesarean section?” or “oh you had it easy!”, “you chose the keep yourself in tact hey?” and many more offensive and judgemental comments.

Well no, in fact I physically could not give birth to a 9p 11oz baby!I was able to fully and exclusively breast feed both of my babies to 6 months and 9 months (with individual issues for each baby that was the factor for these times). On the other hand I have a friend who was directly opposite! She was able to birth naturally but did not produce milk.

To all of you natural birthers – Congratulations!
To all of the cesarean section birthers – Congratulations!
To all of the breastfeeding mothers – Awesome job!
To all of the bottle feeders – Awesome job!

In the end it doesn’t matter how you gave birth or how you managed to feed your babies as long as they arrived and you have fed them!

The rest is all just details of your amazing journey to and through motherhood! 

Good luck to all of the new mummies out there! No matter how you birth or feed YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!

​You are a Mum! Congratulations and enjoy!! ​


Written by Bec Anderson
After moving around in the Defence Posting cycles for many years Bec, along with hubby Mark, has chosen to plant roots and call Townsville home because of it’s beautiful weather and family feel.
Bec is a busy mum of 2 just trying to make her way in the world of motherhood, while working part time and building up a cake making business.

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