Out of my comfort zone and into a healing session

Out of my comfort zone and into a healing session

​I have had varying levels of depression and anxiety for most of my adult life.

Self diagnosed I have never sought any kind of professional help, instead choosing to either ignore it or hide behind it.

So when my path crossed with Lois Lovegrove and she first suggested a session with her I replied with the usual vague non-committal answer without any real intention of booking in.  Fast forward to over a year later and the opportunity came up again, but this time I was ready.

Here is my experience of my first “Healing Session” with Lois, her angel helpers, a black ball of emotions and a whole lot of tears…

“Omg, I am freaking out!”

That was the text I sent to my sister just after booking in the appointment. Why? Because I’ve never done anything like this before and I had a picture in my mind of what would happen.

​I imagined myself sitting there awkwardly while Lois asked invasive questions and made me rehash stories about my past and I’d feel uncomfortable, judged and leave feeling completely wretched.  Or I would just cry uncontrollably and not be able to speak at all.

In the days leading up to the appointment I was dwelling on it, growing more nervous as the time approached before finally I was walking into her treatment room and sitting down with a forced smile on my face.

In fact I had worked myself up to it so much that the tears started before the session even got underway!

​But surprisingly I didn’t feel judged, and I certainly didn’t want to turn around and leave.

Lois was patient and calm.  She didn’t try and rush me to start speaking.  If a question was asked that triggered a crying episode then she would wait for me to answer in my own time, she would give gentle prompts, or she might even talk about something else.

There were moments of laughter to help ease any tension I was feeling and her questions weren’t invasive or uncomfortable to answer.  She didn’t want to know the nitty gritty details.  Instead it was a gentle guide towards the feelings attached to certain moments in my life, rather than rehashing what those moments actually were, before moving past these negative emotions.

Stress Aura Pixabay Image

There were a few light bulb moments during the session but the most surprising part was how I reacted physically.

It can only be described as an imaginary vomit – a purge if you will.

What would start off as a lump in my lower belly (I called it a big black ball) would then make its way up my body, towards my face, before finally feeling like it was gone.  Each time my body would instantly feel a little bit lighter and I would stop crying.

Key parts of my life that we worked through included low self-confidence, feelings of being inadequate, an inability to accept love and ask for it, and the big one a fear of rejection.  Lois also moved me through letting go of old damaging relationships (emotional baggage much?!).

By the end of the session I sat up with a massive grin on my face and a feeling of lightness within my body and soul.  I honestly can’t explain it other than I walked into that room a big tightly bound body of anxious tension, and left feeling like I was floating on air and could conquer the world.

​So what did she do?  Well here’s where I learnt the importance of having an open mind because on the surface it seems very ‘woo woo’ and is definitely from a spiritual aspect.  If someone else had said to me “I talk to the Angels and they use my hands to heal” I would have been like righto this lady has clearly had too many sips of the kool-aid…

But with Lois it’s not like that at all.  She isn’t out to con anyone, she’s isn’t all long robes and insense. She is in fact quite down to earth and as normal as the rest of us.  Her treatment room isn’t filled with Ouija boards, dreamcatchers or crucifixes.  There’s no witch doctoring about it!

When we identified a key issue that needed to be addressed I would close my eyes while working through the crying + vomit/purge process and Lois would work her healing magic with the help of the angels and the energy that pours out of her hands.  There were some verbal affirmations and guided visualisations but mostly it was quiet healing, almost meditative and so relaxing.

The cynical part of my mind wants to override here by saying it’s a mind over matter thing but even if it was, there’s no way my mind would have done anything had it not been for Lois’ guidance.  Afterall, the mind has had 33 years to do it’s thing and look where that got me…

Lois not only made me feel completely comfortable, but there was never a time where I felt pressured to talk about something I didn’t want to, or describe in detail a specific event or trauma.

If you are in need of a spiritual fine tuning, have experienced past trauma that is affecting your life now, or feel that it’s time to move on from any anxiety that is holding you back from living a full life, then I would definitely recommend you give Lois Lovegrove a call.  She is based locally in Railway Estate and has an easy to use online booking service through her website.

Lois is also a regular attendee at our Townsville Women coffee dates so you can meet her socially and ask a few questions before booking in to feel more comfortable with your decision.

Take it from me though, don’t waste another second letting old emotional baggage or leftover relationship ‘junk’ hold you back!  The feeling of complete joy that I experienced at the end of my session with Lois made me kick myself for waiting so long to make that booking. In the words of that major sporting brand, JUST DO IT!

Your soul will thank you for it!

Lois also offers Oracle Card Readings, Reiki, Bach Flower Blends, plus more.  Sessions can be done in person or via Skype.  For further information on the services provided by Lois Lovegrove, or to book your appointment, visit her website at www.loislovegrove.com or find her on Facebook.

Lois Lovegrove Intuitive Healer in Townsville

The above review is based on the Author’s own experience and individual results may vary.

Part time blogger & full time mum, Bec has lived in Townsville for over 8 years and enjoys everything Townsville has to offer. Bec is the founder of Townsville Women and The Vintage Highway, while also running a retail store and social media pages based around the family’s beloved Kombi.

She is slightly addicted to Wine, Pinterest, Netflix and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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