Ready, Set, BRUNCH!

I was a breakfast or lunch kind of gal in my youth – well truthfully I was more of a lunch kind of person because I was not up and about before about 10am.  But now I have fallen in love with the concept of brunch as it takes into consideration two of my favourite things in life – sleep-ins and food!

My expectations are high when I go into a new place for brunch as this particular meal has to combine both breakfast and lunch into just one and it needs to keep me going until my next coffee break at 2pm.

I find that between 9.30 and 11 am are acceptable branching times that still provide you with the rest of the day to catch up with friends, see a movie, go exercising or my all time favourite hobby – shopping!

I am a little bias when it comes to brunch orders as I normally go for a ham and cheese croissant, smashed avocado on sourdough or eggs benedict – YUM!

My husband on the other hand, loves to have a big breakfast with the lot – baked beans, hash brown, bacon, mushrooms and eggs.  Since we have quite different palates when it comes to what we want from a brunch, we have been to nearly all the places in town.

We have agreed, with some lengthy discussions and a few brunches later (for quality control purposes as we didn’t want to tell you something that was wrong), that the best brunch locations in our opinion include:  Urban Crust and Coffee at Tiffany’s (both open during the week and Saturdays), along with The Balcony and Hervey’s Range Heritage Tea Room (open 7 days).


Urban Crust is located on Bayswater Road, opposite St Margaret Mary’s and is relatively new to the café scene in Townsville. I love their menu, which is quite simple, but everything that is on there is just delightful. They have a little table set up in the café for kids to use and also blackboard tables for the ‘big kids’ to draw on.

Coffee at Tiffany’s is a little gem that can be found on Charters Towers Road in the same complex as Astute Townsville Central and provides both inside and outdoor tables. The reason I love this place so much is that the staff are so friendly and helpful and they have an excellent selection of brunch items to choose from to suit everyone’s needs.

The Balcony on the other hand is a little more up-market, but the food is excellent. I had eggs benedict there the other weekend and I couldn’t get enough. The atmosphere is great, and since they are open all weekend it’s a great place to go before or after a visit to the Flinders Street Markets on a Sunday. 


While the Hervey’s Range Heritage Tea Rooms are a little bit out of the way, this café provides city-dwellers, like myself, with a place to escape from the hustle and bustle Townsville and just relax. Their menu has a variety of homemade food to choose from (the scones are award winners), which just adds to the overall atmosphere of the place. When you are there, you can choose to sit inside or outside, and there are also little walking trails you can take around the property to stretch those legs after your meal. 

These are 4 of our favourite places, and as I have said, we have been to most places in Townsville.  If you have any suggestions for us to try please comment below and I will certainly go and experience some of the delicious food that Townsville Cafés have to offer.

Nicole has lived in Townsville for 8 years and married her husband last year.  Currently on maternity leave from her high school teaching position, Nicole is enjoying the new challenges of becoming a mum after welcoming a beautiful baby girl in September 2015.

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