Returning to Work

Returning to Work

So we feel bad about it and often hide our excitement we are also feeling. Getting back to what you know, what you feel good at.

Back to work!

Going back to work after having a break due to having kids creates so many different feelings of sadness & joy, nerves & excitement…

…and that oh so guilty feeling too!

I have to leave my baby.  My new born/toddler/preschool baby with someone else who could not possibly look after my baby as well as me, could they? 

Do I remember what to do? Does everyone know that I haven’t worked for months or years? Can they see my nerves & doubt in myself & what I am doing? 

Woohoo..I’m a person again! Not just a sleep deprived mum! Oh that’s a guilty thought! 

All of these thoughts and more start running through your head.

Some of us return to work because we need the money, others because they need to feel human and a whole array of other reasons. 

I have just been contacted by my previous employer asking if I would consider returning for 1,2 or 3 shifts a week. I am EXTREMELY lucky to have the employer that I do, as I would never consider it otherwise, but my lovely employer knows how I feel about leaving my 2yr old daughter (yes 2 years old not 2 weeks or 2 months!).

She has offered not only to give me shifts that fit in with school drop off & pick up for my older child, but also to pay for a babysitter to come to my place of employment to have my daughter where I can see her and spend as little time apart from her as possible!

This leaves only the actual working bit left to worry about and worried about it I am!

But with what reason do I have to be worried or nervous?

If you take a step back from the situation and think about it, no one honestly expects you to come back to work on top of your game after time off after having a baby, no matter how much time you have taken.  Not only the other parents, who have either been the parent returning or have watched their spouse going through this very same transition, but also those who do not have children know that the chances are you have had plenty of rough nights and with so many new things to deal with to make room for the information overload of a new born and every age to follow, something had to give!

Chances are thinking of any kind of work procedure has not entered your mind once.  So do yourself a favour and stop being so hard on yourself.

When it comes down to it daycare (of any form) are going to do their best to keep your baby happy, healthy & learning and you are going to do your best to fit back into the work place.  You will be providing your family with what is needed – whether that be financial support, mental health for a happy mum or whatever your reason for returning to work, so just breathe.

Good luck to all of you mummies returning to work after a short or long time away from the workforce! 


Written by Bec Anderson
After moving around in the Defence Posting cycles for many years Bec, along with hubby Mark, has chosen to plant roots and call Townsville home because of it’s beautiful weather and family feel.
Bec is a busy mum of 2 just trying to make her way in the world of motherhood, while working part time and building up a cake making business.

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