That Mum’s A Basket Case!

That Mum’s A Basket Case!

Have you ever noticed how much easier life flows when your house is clean?

You know, the mornings are so much less stressful when the school socks are already paired and put away where they belong and you don’t have to climb over loads of washing to get to the shower.

When the kitchen is clear of dirty dishes and lunches were packed the night before and you can sit at the clutter free dining table for your morning cuppa.

The day just runs so much more smoothly, less yelling, less rushing….ahhh bliss. When my house is organised, my life is organised.

At the moment there are so many incredible sites and blogs around with fantastic tips for running an organised home and I absolutely love them! I can spend hours at a time scrolling through the ‘De Clutter Your Home’ pages and ‘How To Be An Organised Mum’ sites.

So many incredible ideas! And baskets! Don’t even get me started on baskets. Baskets fix everything! I swear, (thanks to K-Mart) I have a basket or a container for everything. I love buying baskets!

​If everything has a home there will be no mess.

Establishing and maintaining an organised house (and life) should be quite easy if you follow the readily available advice at your fingertips. Oh, that and buy baskets right?

The problem is, that for all of the ingenious de-clutter, self-help organising tips and ways baskets will solve your storage problems advice I have read, none of it has helped me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that these web pages and blogs and mummy advice sites don’t know what they are talking about because I totally believe that they do.

And baskets, like I said, baskets are amazing!  Trust me girlfriend, I have a basket for everything.

Where it all goes downhill for me is in the application.

So I read the advice, sometimes I even print it out that’s how serious I am about it! And then of course, I head out to buy the baskets.  Gorgeous baskets in fact.

But…when I get home, the mess, the dirty washing, the lethal lego that’s spread from one end of the house to the other, the paperwork and mail that’s taking up each place at the dining table, well it doesn’t even notice!

I kid you not! I swear, when I strut my newly motivated self back into my messy, chaotic, disorganised house with a new basket (or four), that clutter doesn’t even move! Not an inch! No lego jumps up to climb in, no mail sorts itself into bills or junk or whatever is supposed to happen, nothing!

​I just stand there all Lara Croft like, ‘Look at my new baskets suckers!’ and wait… but nothing!

You see my lovelies, yes, when my house is organised, my life is more organised. But, to be honest I’d say this happens about three times a year (ok, maybe twice a year….in a good year).

​For the remainder of the year, I climb over washing to get to the shower. I swear when I stand on the lego that it actually makes my tiles look as if they are covered in colourful (sharp and lumpy) carpet. I play hide and seek with random items of school uniform only ten minutes before leaving for school drop off, and breakfast…well that usually happens in the car on the way.

So, to all of you super organised mums out there who shudder while reading this, I get it. I take my hat  off to you. Random chaos isn’t for everyone. But to all of you mums who shoved the half bowl of rice bubbles out of the way to boil the kettle then kicked your way through toys and washing to get to the dining table to enjoy your morning cuppa, you are not alone!

Sister, one day these kiddies will have grown and left us, one day that mountain of washing will be at least only half the size and the array of colourful toys, lego and cereal boxes that they just had to keep will no longer be your decor.

​So, give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far. Enjoy that cuppa and then just go spend the day at K-Mart so you don’t have to look at the mess! I might see you there! 

Written by ‘Messy Mama’
Like a graceful swan she is smooth, calm & collected on the surface…. but often crazy chaos underneath. A Townsville local, she is a wife and mum as well as a beautiful, fun, energetic woman!​ Messy Mama writes about the fun side of life, often with a witty twist and topics we can all relate to!

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