The power of refusing to hate your body

The power of refusing to hate your body

I cannot begin to describe how much I love that concepts like self talk and self love are part of our everyday vocabulary now. The public encouragement to tell that little voice inside to sit the hell down and stop with the negativity is quite possibly my favourite thing about being a woman in this 21st century world.

Sure, there will always be trolls and haters but you don’t need to be one of them! You especially don’t need to be targeting hate speech towards any reflective surface you come across.

Increasingly, all sorts of beautiful, strong badass women are standing up and declaring, “I am sexy as hell and, you know what? So are you!” They’re coming out in all shapes, heights and sizes and publicly daring to declare what we’ve known all along: “every body is a beautiful body”. 

A frightful notion, huh? Captain Obvious would disagree. 


We live and love in interesting times where female empowerment isn’t just topical, it’s trending. This encapsulates so many different factors but fundamentally, it’s about standing up for being exactly how we choose to be, despite all the socially constructed restraints that have been placed on us for centuries.

Inspired by these women and their strong voices, I started a little experiment with myself. 

Every time I caught myself mid-negative thought while looking at my reflection, I forcibly made myself think, “I refuse to hate my body.” It’s bizarre. And radical. Uncomfortable. Yet strangely effective. 

I won’t go as far to say “I love my body” but I’ll concede that my feelings towards it are far from the opposite of love because, realistically, if we hate something, are we likely to treat it nicely? To be kind to it? To appreciate it?

There’s a power rumbling within brought on by the simple act of refusing to hate my body and it has in fact implored me to try and treat it a little nicer.

Cassandra lives and works within the Townsville area and has requested to keep her identity private.  Cassandra enjoys writing about a range of topics and her relatable style of writing means she has become one of our reader's favourite guest bloggers.

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