To Thermie or not to Thermie…

The question on everyone’s lips in today’s society is whether or not to buy into the Thermomix craze that seems to have taken over the world.

I am a true believer in being honest, and regarding this specific piece of kitchen appliance I was sceptical as to the relevance and value it would have in my kitchen, but after hearing and seeing the changes this one appliance has had on 2 close members of my family, my opinions have changed.

Firstly, before I start I would just like to state that I am in no way in kahootz with the company nor any representatives.  These are just my experiences and thoughts regarding this new and expensive product that is on the market today. If you have any other thoughts on the subject I would strongly encourage you to leave a comment below and share your experiences with others, as my opinion regarding this appliance is just that, an opinion.

Now, my mum is one of those ladies who just cooked because she needed to eat and obviously feed us, but there was no joy in it for her.  Until she borrowed a neighbour’s Thermomix to try and absolutely fell in love with it. She has a new and re-energised outlook on food, which is quite a change from the traditional meat and 3 veg types of meals we as a family were used to getting on our plate.  She now makes cupcakes, homemade bread, dips, custards, jams, risotto, sausage rolls, curries and many different recipes that are just delicious and so easy to make when you have a $2000 machine that does everything for you. I would have to say that in this instance, the money was well spent and that the Thermomix was a great investment for her.

My sister bought a Thermomix after having her baby who has allergies to soy, dairy and gluten. She found that by making everything herself in the Thermomix that her life became a little easier and that she could guarantee what was in the food she was feeding her little girl.


After these two success stories, I was still sceptical and didn’t purchase one until I realised that I was going to have a baby and that I could use a Thermomix as a steriliser for bottles, to make my own homemade baby food and save a substantial amount of money along the way.

If this life changing event hadn’t occurred I would have stayed in the non-computerised world of cooking – which I absolutely loved, and continued to let the craze surround the female members of my family.

I would have to say that overall it is a very expensive device to have in your kitchen, just sitting on the bench.  However, as I have found out just this week, it can be extremely useful when you are time poor or don’t have a passion for cooking and would like to get started as you can rely on this device to make meals within a few taps of a button.



There is an abundance of websites and online groups with great recipes and tips on how to make the most of your Thermomix.

Nicole’s recipe of choice is a Thai Style Chicken & Cashews (pictured right) from the website which is ready to serve in less than 20 minutes and with minimal effort.

What’s your favourite Thermie recipe?  Share it in the comments section below…

Nicole has lived in Townsville for 8 years and married her husband last year.  Currently on maternity leave from her high school teaching position, Nicole is enjoying the new challenges of becoming a mum after welcoming a beautiful baby girl in September 2015.

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