Why Bootcamp?

Why Bootcamp?

Why on earth would I want to go to Bootcamp?

That’s exactly a question I’ve asked myself on a few occasions. Why?

To me, a Bootcamp session would always involve big burly muscly fellas dragging truck tyres up and down the beach behind them. Or super fit chicks in their Lorna Jane activewear pumping out full pushups without even breaking so much of a sweat.  The word Bootcamp conjured up images of chin ups, step ups, sit ups, push ups, and every other ‘up’ that was beyond my level of fitness and post-baby body.

Because of my misguided preconceptions I’d never actually attended a Bootcamp.

Sessions with a Personal Trainer were met with the same type of  “oh no way” response.  Why would I want some yelling at me to do another 10 reps?

No thank you, no siree.  I’ll keep exercising alone thanks.

Except I wasn’t doing much exercising lately was I?  I’d had baby number 4 and all of sudden couldn’t fit my expanding thighs and bum into any of my old clothes – even my ‘fat pants’ had the seams stretched to the point where I was scared to sit down.

During my time with Townsville Women I’ve been presented with new experiences and met a lot of people I wouldn’t normally have met. And one such person is Jocelyn Sharp – Personal Trainer, owner of Combat Women, organiser of Bootcamp sessions for women.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself agreeing to attend her bootcamp class on a Sunday morning.

The Saturday before my first class I had every excuse known to man running through my head as to why I couldn’t go.  I didn’t want a truck tyre strapped to my waist. I didn’t want to have it confirmed that I cannot do a sit up.  I didn’t want to leave my comfy couch.

But I did. And I’m glad I did!

There are no tyres, no muscly fellas or supermodels.  We were a group of regular women – all at varying levels of fitness.

Jocelyn, being a mum herself, knows the toll put on our bodies once we become a mum.  Specialising in postnatal fitness and wanting us all to know the importance of a strong pelvic floor, Jocelyn talks us through each exercise first and even demonstrates alternatives for those of us with weakened muscles or previous injuries.

There’s no yelling. Instead there is positive encouragement, motivating music, and Jocelyn even integrates fun games into the sessions.  Some of my bad habits have been corrected so that I am getting more out of the exercises that I never would have known had I continued on my own.

I was surprised at how motivating it is to work out within a group environment.  Instead of feeling judged for my sweaty, red face and breathlessness, I’m instead pushing myself to do an extra rep.  The other weekend I managed a whopping 100 squats! Self consciousness is the furtherest thing from my mind!

And the fact that I can’t do a single ‘proper’ push up?  It’s ok!  The Bootcamp is set up in such a way that is guided and targets are provided – but we are able to stop at any time we feel our bodies have had enough.

Those ‘fat pants’ I mentioned earlier are already fitting a lot better after just a few weeks, but what I’ve noticed more is my strength is returning and the recovery time is getting shorter.  There’s a sense of accountability to show up and step up – I owe it to myself to continue.

If you have been considering a new fitness routine, or have been looking for a class to join, then consider the Combat Women Bootcamp!

​In short, the Bootcamp sessions are motivating, supportive and fun!

**Editors Note: Combat Women relocated to Canberra in December 2018, but there are still many fabulous Bootcamp programs throughout Townsville.

Above review based on author’s own experience and individual results may vary.
For information regarding Combat Women visit the Facebook 
page or phone 0427 487 998

Part time blogger & full time mum, Bec has lived in Townsville for over 8 years and enjoys everything Townsville has to offer. Bec is the founder of Townsville Women and A World Imperfect, while also running social media pages based around the family’s beloved Kombi.

She is slightly addicted to Wine, Pinterest, Netflix and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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